Explore Sydney Like Never Before with Our eBikes Tours

Tour Sydney by eBike with Sydney Harbour Bike Tours. Explore the sights and sounds of this stunning city  on our electric bikes.

Electric Bikes Tours

Have you heard about eBikes? Also known as pedelecs or electric-assisted bikes, they are the latest in cycling technology, yet they are amazingly simple! A small electric motor and a battery are built into the design of the bike frame to provide additional power to the pedal as it is needed by the rider. The assistance is limited to 25kph and you have to pedal for the motor to work, so you still get plenty of exercise. It makes those hills just disappear! With Sydney Harbour Bike Tours, you can enjoy a day of fun when you join one our great tours.

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The Basics

  • $98 per person for our standard tours
  • 3 hour fully guided tour
  • Modern Electric Bikes
  • Local Guides
  • Bespoke tours can be organised
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  • Wear Comfortable clothing and closed shoes
  • Bring sunscreen, a jacket, a camera, water and your happy self!
  • You will need to be able to ride a bike
  • We need to ride on the road in some areas
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Corporate Tours

  • Bring clients on a unique tour of Sydney
  • Curate a team-building tour to remember
  • Lunch stops can be incorporated
Group ebike tours in Sydney.

Sydney Without the Hills

Electric bikes have been immensely popular overseas for several years and are becoming more and more common here in Australia. There are many to choose from, and many local bike shops are now stocking eBikes. Our friends at Sydney Electric Bikes have a wide range to choose from and can help you select the bike that’s right for you.

Sydney has many hills, and some areas are more suited to cycling than others, with the eBike, there are many more areas now suitable for cycling. Learn more about our electric bikes and group tours.

Our Electric Bike Rentals

After extensive research, we have selected the beautiful Kalkhoff Jubilee for their ease of riding, step through frame, comfort, durability and stylish good looks! Kalkhoff is a family-owned German bicycle manufacturer that has been building bikes since 1919.

For most people, the first thing they notice when they ride an eBike for the first time is the power ‘kicking in’ as they begin pedalling. It’s easy to get up and going on an eBike! So, why not try one on our eBike tours?

Easy-to-Ride Electric Bikes

Our electric bikes allow people with a moderate level of fitness to easily cover greater distances in comfort and style. Sydney can be a little hilly, but our brand-new eBikes will get you to the top to enjoy the view, and experience a little adrenaline that comes with the downhill.

You don’t need to have any experience riding electric bikes to join any of our tours. However, we do insist that you are a competent bike rider who enjoys the outdoors.

We will always be there on-hand to assist you in this incredible experience, and we ensure that all of the electric bikes we use are safe and suitable.

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Fun, Safe, Educational

We always give you an exciting experience that is fun, safe and educational.

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We always start and finish our tours on time.

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Professional and Friendly

We are professional and friendly with you every step – or we should say, every pedal of the way!

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To book the very best electric bike tours of Sydney, call 0435 900 980.

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